The cooperation starts with a survey, which also covers the enterprise's practices and technological capabilities. The cooperation agreement contains a specific calculation based on a unique criterion system and includes the plant production technology to be implemented. We can also propose technology to use.

Yes. FITOPEDON® technology also meets the requirements of bio-organic farming.

Serving the nutritional requirement of the plant at the optimum level results in more efficient nutrient uptake. So for a given amount of crop fewer nutrient is needed. Or with the same amount of nutrient the yield will be higher.

It depends on how many factors we can control and how accurately during the plant's lifespan.

The FITOPEDON® method supports the plant's growth by comparing the ever-changing needs of the plant with the changing nutritional capacity of the soil as well as the environmental factors, and then continuously adapting these factors to the changing needs of the plant. The purpose of the FITOPEDON® method is to serve the genetic program of the plant within an optimal range. Using this technology, we get a healthier and more resistant plant.

It is important to keep in mind that growth, yield multiplication, resistance and the improvement of the content of the product is not created by "pumped" growth, amplification, modification, etc., but by continuously serving the plants’ needs within an optimal range to help them grow.

The operation and maintenance of the Installed Communication Control and Dispensing System is managed by the staff of FITOPEDON® Ltd.

None. The Installed Communication Control and Dosing System (ICDC) operates fully automatically.

Farming production with FITOPEDON® technology is based on a Cooperation Agreement which - based on preliminary field surveys and calculations – lays down the conditions and costs of cooperation.

Costs of the Client consist of three main parts:

  1. Investment and equipment costs
  2. Service Fee
  3. Performance fee
Much more variables are taken into account and we work with special methods to determine nutrient demand and nutrient delivery capability.

Most importantly, we do not give advice, but we are implementing the works of production together with the Client.
FITOPEDON® is an integrated nutrient management system, in which the given plant, soil and environmental aspects are all considered in a unique, dynamic plant growing program.

This cannot happen with a properly designed and implemented program.

The cases of improperly planned or executed programs should be examined in detail and - in case the defective activity was derived from FITOPEDON® - we have liability insurance.

That is correct. DIS is a new, ongoing development that we intend to introduce to the public in 2018. We are currently making it work with linear and center irrigation systems and to utilize a special adapter for immediate detection and intervention.

Depends on the irrigation system, soil, climate and on the water needs of the crop.

Generally it can be said that underground systems are able to provide wet soil moisture with a small amount of water, while above-the-ground systems require more. Sprinkler systems need even more - the water demand and the evaporation loss multiplies (for water and nutrients as well).

In the case of Package „D” the Client is not bound by the strict data provision obligations and adjustment conditions of the required Program. Therefore, this is not titled as a FITOPEDON® solution but it is called a Trial or Test package. This package can be individually tailored and tested for collaboration and technology testing.

In case of Package "C" this is specific and obligatory and controlled.
In Package "D", the owner is entrusted with what he or she will do.

For packages "A" and "B", the irrigation control is automatic and controlled from the Center. 
In Package "C", it is determined according to a program and it must be executed by the farmer.
In case of "C" Package, it is determined by a program and executed by the host

This depends on the particular nutrient, the type and structure of the soil, the environmental conditions, the plant ... and also the location, type and condition of the applied irrigation equipment. Finding and adapting to these factors is the essence of the FITOPEDON® service.

Package „A” builds on a root zone irrigation system, making much less water needed and nutrients get faster and more efficiently to the root. So, it is cheaper, better and more efficient.

Root zone irrigation systems are the most effective, including underground irrigation pipes.

The Trial (Test) package can be tailored to your needs, so you can "leave" the service and technological framework proposed by FITOPEDON®. However, positive effects are strongly increased by adaptation, compliance and application of appropriate technology (ICDC, irrigation system, spraying machine etc.) to the program.

A cooperation is based on a specific program. Taking into account and responding to environmental changes is part of the program. 
From the FITOPEDON® Center or through a representative, the Client is always notified of the necessary treatments and interventions.