FITOPEDON® representatives are key partners in expanding our services and increasing our client base. They are able to deliver and operate the FITOPEDON® technology to the right clients, have the necessary knowledge of the area, have a good business sense, thus they can actively support the outstanding performance of participating farms and enterprises.
Become a FITOPEDON® Baranya County Representative!
Flexible work, secure customer base, prestige.
Please inquire about the details of becoming a member in our contact details:

The representative system is a private, limited-entry system at the moment. However, if you think you could and would like to represent FITOPEDON’s servives and grow our client base, please contact us at

Criteria for becoming a FITOPEDON® Representative:

  • Legal person or enterprise
  • Has own car
  • Knows and uses computers and the internet
  • At least secondary degree
  • Succesful graduate of the second level of FITOPEDON® Academy
  • Relevant specialization degree is an advantage
  • Appropriate knowledge of local area and industry is an advantage